If Cool Boy 714 started a Club Penguin army, what should the name be?

If you think it should be different than the choices above then comment telling me what you think would be a good name for it, if I decide to start one.

Club Penguin DS Game and a New Room!

As most of you know by now, the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force game is out now! Today Cool Boy 714 has bought it! Here are some screenshots of the game!

Sorry for the bad quality!

Top Beginning Screen


Bottom Beginning Screen

bottom-beginning-screen (The two buttons say, “Start” and “DGamer”)

Here is a video of what the game is like.

Today I found out that when you buy the game and enter the code in, you get access to the EPF (Elite Penguin Force) Command Room! (If you have the game ONLY!) You get to the room the same way you do in the game…. Through the closet! Here are the pictures.

Go to the HQ then,


click on the closet in the bottom right corner of the screen then,


you should walk into there and…


You’re there!

New Snowflake Tile Pin!

The Snowflake Tile Pin is at the Beach.


The Card-Jitsu game is currently not working for ANYONE. When you try to play it, it says, “Sorry this room is currently full” or something like that.

How to be a Ninja!

How to be a Ninja in Club Penguin – A Step-by-Step-Guide by: Cool Boy 714

(We tried to put a YouTube video of all this but it would not work it took to long… 18 minutes and 36 seconds! We might see if we can do it faster next time, but that is a maybe!)

1. You must first become a Black Belt by playing Competitive Mode when you talk to Sensei.


2. Then you must face Sensei and win. To beat Sensei face him 6-8 times then he will start to lose.


3. Once you beat Sensei you will get the Ninja Mask and access to a secret Ninja’s only room called Flying Flippers Emporium.


4. Go to the Flying Flippers Emporium room and click on the catalog picture at the bottom right of the screen.


5. There you can buy the Ninja Suit or the Dojo Igloo.


There are two major secrets about when you beat the Sensei!

1. When you beat him you get the Ninja Mask (THE REAL ONE!!!)

2. When you beat him you gain access to a secret ninjas only room called Fliying Flippers Emporium. Once there, there is a catalog that has two items in it they are the Ninja Suit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the Dojo Igloo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click Here to see the ninja catalog.

Click Here to see the Flying Flippers Emporium.

New Card-Jitsu Game at the Dojo!

To start this post out I would like to tell how to get the cards. First talk to Sensei at the pillow, if he is not there click on the pillow.


To get a belt, after you get finished talking to Sensei, talk to him again but this time there will be three options.

Competition Mode- Sensei pairs you up to vs each other in the game. This is the mode where you can earn belts! (If you win!)

Sensei Mode- You go against Sensei in the Card-Jitsu game. I suggest you getting the Black Belt first!

Instructions- Retells the instructions.


This is me playing the game. (Bottom)


I am currently a White and Yellow Belt!

Oh and here is the Belt Legend. (Bottom)


If you just want to play the game for fun, click any of the mats on the Dojo floor! (Bottom)


What belt are you? Comment and tell everyone!

Grand Opening of the Dojo!


As you can see, it is the Grand Opening of the Dojo today!

Anyway, Club Penguin has rapidly been changing lately, they have made a few changes today! Some of the changes that have been made today are:

The Mange Account thing has been changed. Now you can see what server you are on! You can also mute the sound/music.


If you go to the Dojo Courtyard (Top of Dojo. Get to it by the map.) then there is a free item there. It is the Geta Sandels!


Also, every five minutes inside the Dojo, there is a gong that comes out under the place where it says, “Until Gong Show” and when it comes out if you throw snowballs at the gong before it closes back up it will make a “Gong!” sound! (YOU HAVE TO DO THAT FAST!)