Club Penguin 3rd Annivesary Party Secrets!

The new Cake Pin is at The Lounge (located upstairs from the Night Club).

The 3rd Anniversary Hat is in the cake at the Coffee Shop. To get it you click on the fan, wait until the top of the cake falls off, then click on the hats!

Last the Ice-Cream Apron is back again! It is at the Coffee Shop beside the game Bean Counter.

The coolest thing I think about this party is that you can watch what is happening in Times Square, New York! To do this when you click play now look above the Club Penguin screen and there is a button that says, “Watch Video”. That is how you do that! It is really LIVE!


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  1. hiya! cool cheats. please visit my clubpenguin cheat site.

    its new so there isnt many cheats on it but im working on it

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