Forgot to Mention… and Need Helpers… Maybe 1 of you!

Last night I forgot to mention the new prizes in the non-members prize booth at the Forest. Go check it out! The Plaza got updated like 2 or 3 days ago.

Does anyone remember Penguin Playground? Well if you don’t here is a reminder! This is the story of how it happened.

Cool boy 714 and Chinzstrap liked Club Penguin so much they wanted to make their own virtual world! Kind of like Club Penguin but everything will be different like the rooms, characters, logo(s), and more will all be different. Cool boy 714 is good at programming so that is what he does for Penguin Playground. Chinzstrap tests the things Cool boy 714 creates. Icyberri will be a moderator for Penguin Playground. We might need some help with creating Penguin Playground. Maybe 1 of you could help us with it! In Penguin Playground all the moderators will have a special menu (that Cool boy 714 has already made and is working now) that will let them ban a player, un-ban a player, and make the player a moderator! We are still working on Version 3 Penguin Playground. This one is taking the longest because 1 of Cool boy 714’s friends is helping him think of games to put in it and helping him program a little bit of it. Now we are here! That is how it started!

Penguin Playground has it’s own website now. It is the link is also in our blogroll. We have a moderators only section in 1 of the pages that you need a password that only the moderators know to get to that page. That page has pictures of what is going on and how they need to help.


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