Catalog Secrets, Some Secret News, and the Weirdest Glitch Ever!

First we are going to tell all of you the secret news! In the newspaper on page A10 there is a secret message. To see the secret message circle what we circled in the picture.

 Click the letters “PSA” at the bottom right one at a time to see the secret message.

Catalog Secrets

To get the Red Viking Helmet click the pumpkin,

To get the Blue Viking Helmet open and close the Red Viking Helmet 3 times and on the fourth time you can buy it,

To get the Gold Viking Helmet you have to click the Yellow Puffle while the Blue Viking Helmet is up,

To get the Black Superhero Mask you have to click the lantern, (the Black Superhero Mask is often considered a Ninja Mask that is my guess)

To get the Black Scuba Mask click on the lighthouse,

To get the Mixed Bracelets click on the scuba flipper,

To get the Jade Necklace click on the Spikester Cuff.

Weirdest Glitch Ever!

I’m currently trying to find out how to do this. NO EDIT I PROMISE!!!


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