Halloween Party Cheats!

Here are all the Halloween Party Cheats!

1. If you do not have the Pumpkin Basket you can not get these!!! The Pumpkin Basket and a piece of candy is there too.

2. Another piece of candy is upstairs from the Coffee Shop.

3. If you go to the Book Room there is a candle and when you click on it a secret members only room opens! That is how you get the Lamp. Also there is another piece of candy!

4. If you go to the Cove there is another piece of candy!

5. If you go to the Lodge Attic there is another piece of candy! (It comes up when you click the box by the staircase ‘blue box’)

6. If you go to the Plaza and click the green stuff in the pot you get another piece of candy!

7. If you go to the Iceburg and click on the lights you get another piece of candy!

Sorry I miscounted!

8. If you go to the Beacon and you wait until the lightning flashes 3 times then you get another piece of candy!

Club Penguin Trading Card Game and Just a Poll!




Trading Card Game

The new Club Penguin Trading Cards will let you play a brand new multiplayer game coming to Club Penguin very soon! Here is a picture.


The Club Penguin Trading Cards will be availabale to buy in mid-November at Toys”R”Us.

Club Penguin 3rd Annivesary Party Secrets!

The new Cake Pin is at The Lounge (located upstairs from the Night Club).

The 3rd Anniversary Hat is in the cake at the Coffee Shop. To get it you click on the fan, wait until the top of the cake falls off, then click on the hats!

Last the Ice-Cream Apron is back again! It is at the Coffee Shop beside the game Bean Counter.

The coolest thing I think about this party is that you can watch what is happening in Times Square, New York! To do this when you click play now look above the Club Penguin screen and there is a button that says, “Watch Video”. That is how you do that! It is really LIVE!

New Language, Rockhopper, Free Item, Glitch, Times Square, New York!!!

First of all Rockhopper is back! He brought an old item back…… The Eye Patch.


Club Penguin has the game playable in a new language, it is Portugeuise. To change the language after you click “Play Now,” look at the “log off” button and right beside it there will be a language button. Then Select the language and there you go!


I thought Club Penguin has fixed the “Weidest Glitch EVER” in Club Penguin, but I guess not.


If anyone knows how do do that glitch please comment and tell us and leave your penguin name and a picture of your penguin and player card will be shown on https://clubpenguinrally.wordpress.com/

Club Penguin is having a 3rd Anniversary in Times Square, New York! During the party at Times Square, New York it says the party will be on the BIG SCREENS on the buildings and stuff! For more info on this party please click here or if that does not work here is the link http://www.clubpenguin.com/celebrate/

 Do you see the hats on those penguins in the picture? I think we are going to get those during the 3rd year Anniversary Party for Club Penguin! I hope we do!

Oh I almost forgot, check out the Rockhopper’s Notice Board! One of the things on the To-Do-List is “Celebrate Anniversary with cannon.” So this year he gave us a hint to where he will be hiding! Hope you find him!

Thats all the news right now! Keep checking back to


Rockhopper, New Pin, New Stage Play, and the Mission 9 Walkthrough!

Rockhoper is coming back. Look into the microscope at the Beacon, you should see this picture.


The new pin is a Microscope Pin. It is located at the Sport Shop on the wall.


The new play is at the Stage and it is called, “Planet Y”

Here is the Mission 9 walkthrough video. This video will also be in the page “All Mission Guides” This video was made by Fever http://watex.wordpress.com/