Fall Fair Cheats!

Hey there are a couple Fall Fair glitches I wanted to tell all of you about!

Triple Amount of Tickets (or double)

1.To do this glitch you have to play a full Fall Fair game that gives tickets. Then when the screen comes up where it has the button “Quit” cick it as fast and as many times as you can.

2. A screen should come up that says, “Please exit the game before leving the room” Then click on Ok.

3. Now you have triple or double the amount of tickets

4. Repeat!

Get Tickets FAST Glitch!

1. Go to the Dock and play Grab & Spin

2. Spin the wheel one time

3. Keep pressing the tab button (on your keyboard) until the yellow box is over “End Game”

4. Hold down the button Enter (on your keyboard) for 15 seconds

5. Then click “Quit”

6. You have 5000+ tickets!

7. Repeat!

Fall Fair is Here!!!

Finally the Fall Fair Party is here!

The non-members prize booth is at the Forest.


They have a members section that I hear has two new games and a seperate prize booth. You can get to the members section from the Snow Forts.

The new pin is at the Lighthouse. It is a Lollipop Pin.

Secret Message! Be Prepared!

There will be a new mission coming real soon! G says to be prepared. There is a secret message in the newspaper. To get to the secret message you…

  1. Open the newspaper in Club Penguin,
  2. Click on the paper on the table on page D1,
  3. Click the red book held by the green penguin in the picture of the article “Best Book in the Library” in the “Reviewed By You” section,
  4. Then click on the cookie held by the pink penguin in the poetry section on page C5,
  5. Click on the T.V. on page A5,
  6. Click on the Tea Cup held by the green penguin on page B4,
  7. Click on the message again. There you go, you’ve found the message from G!

Fall Fair Coming and Mission Sneak Peek!

I’m sorry we have not been posting much but that is because of homework yesterday and Cool Boy 714 got grounded 2 days ago. Happily we can post today! The Fall Fair Party will be here on this Friday (I got a picture from the Penguin Blog).


Mission Sneak Peek

There is a sneak peek from the Penguin Blog here it is.

 This mission looks like it will be funny! Hope to see all of you at the Fall Fair Party!

New Furniture Coming On Friday!

Hey the new furniture catalog will be out this Friday! I got a sneek peek off of the Penguin Blog.

To us it looks like a waiting line for movies. There might be in the new catalog some movie things. (projector, screen, concession stand, etc.)

2 New Pins, Stage Play Ready, Penguin Playground, and Updates!!!

Hi the new Magnifiying Glass pin is at the Dock


The new Ruby pin is at the Stage and the new play is called Ruby and the Ruby but there is a certain way to get the Ruby pin, (it explains how in the picture)



Now for the Club Penguin Rally Updates! We will be adding a new penguin to this website! They don’t currently have a penguin but they will make one soon.

As for Penguin Playground we have made a separate website for it that will tell all the updates for it. The website is http://penguinplayground.wordpress.com/ or click here to go to it.

~source~ We are not going to add you to our blogroll unless you add us to yours those are our rules. Do you accept? We know our website does not have the requirements but that is the only way to be on our blogroll.

Last don’t forget about Icyberri’s party


New Stage Play!

The construction is still underway but we know what the play will be! It will be called Ruby and the Ruby. I know that because Club Penguin hid the play bill for this play. It is in the newspaper. Click where the picture says to see the play bill.

This is the play bill.

Thesorce00- I know we don’t have the requirements but those are our rules.