Penguin Games And Free Items!

Cool I was right! I thought there would be Red and Blue Facepaint and there is! There is also a Gold Medal if you finish all the races, which I admit can be hard! 😮

To get the Red Facepaint go to the Coffee Shop,

To get the Blue Facepaint go to the Pizza Parlor,

To finish the races make sure all the lights are lit up like this one,

and if it looks like this get all the ones befor it and come back to it later,

To finish the Freestyle in the Pool race you go back and fourth on the dark blue line in the Pool,

To get the Gold Medal finish all the races then click claim prize, then click yes.

Oh and last if you put only the Red or Blue Facepaint on then you wave and you will hold up a sign that says, “Go Blue/Red” depending on what color of Facepaint you have on.


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