Cool Name Glitch, A Ninja, And A Famous Penguin Sighting!

First the Cool Name Glitch I was going to post this 2 days ago but I forgot! 😉 Well anyway to do this glitch you have to go to “Start” -> “Run” Then type in charmap. It will bring up a bunch of letters and I saw that if you click on the type space to login you can paste things on there so I tried to paste a letter and it worked so I copied the letters that spelled Cool Boy 714 and pasted it onto the login thing and clicked login and… IT WORKED I WAS IN!!!!!! Here is a picture after I logged in with my friends penguin.

                This is one of my friends penguins, it is not mine.

I found a ninja on server Winterland see! His username was Small Clone. Also while he was up on the Night Club he started changing colors, countinuesly changing colors!

 (Click to enlarge)

I also saw Kingpin2 from … Well Chinzstrap did but I saw him to while she was on! I also saw Bikeboy 93 but I couldn’t take a picture because the server crashed! 😦 But I got a picture of Kingpin2!

 (Click to enlarge)

Posted by: Cool Boy 714 @ 1:57 pm


3 Responses

  1. it does work i did it too. people always ask how it gets annoying oh well thx

  2. how do you walk on walls please answer soon

  3. Cool Boy 714 says- The only known way to walk on walls is during the April Fools party Club Penguin has you can walk on the Dojo walls or by hacking. 😦 If I were you I would just wait until the April Fools party to walk on walls!

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