Scavenger Hunt Cheats And Rockhopper Catalog Cheats

The scavenger hunt is finally here! Here is where the paper boats are…

The first boat is at the Mines,

The second boat is at the Cove,

The third boat is at the Coffee Shop,

The fourth boat is at the Dock,

The fifth boat is at the Pool,

The sixth boat is at the Pet Shop,

The seventh boat is at the Beach,

The eigth boat is at the Ice Burg,

That is all of the paper boats and when you find them all you will have to put them all together and when you do this will come up,

Then after you click claim prize you get a Bluprints Background!

Rockhopper Catalog Cheats

Usaully there are no secrets in his catalog but there is this time! Oh by the way the new free item are Brown Boots, and to get the Life Ring click on the Steering Wheel.

Posted by: Chinzstrap @ 2:39 pm


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