The 150th Newspaper Pin!

Cool! I like this pin. Well anyway it is located at the Boiler Room.

It is the 150th Gold Newspaper Pin! They did celebrate the 150th newspaper real good (with the pin)! Who else likes this pin?

Soccer Pitch Open For Non-Members!

Yes the Soccer Pitch is now open to non-members! It is even on the map! This is just for a limited time.

Club Penguin DS Game Countdown

Click Here to see the countdown clock. Is is set for November 4, 2008 because that is when Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force will be released.

Cool Boy Goes For Cool Blue!

Yes it is true I go for BLUE! Here is a picture of me (I will not have the shirt or the Tour Guide Hat on in Club Penguin, just the Blue Facepaint and the Parrot)



 Chinzstrap has not decide her team yet.

Post a comment telling what team you are going to go for!

Penguin Games And Free Items!

Cool I was right! I thought there would be Red and Blue Facepaint and there is! There is also a Gold Medal if you finish all the races, which I admit can be hard! 😮

To get the Red Facepaint go to the Coffee Shop,

To get the Blue Facepaint go to the Pizza Parlor,

To finish the races make sure all the lights are lit up like this one,

and if it looks like this get all the ones befor it and come back to it later,

To finish the Freestyle in the Pool race you go back and fourth on the dark blue line in the Pool,

To get the Gold Medal finish all the races then click claim prize, then click yes.

Oh and last if you put only the Red or Blue Facepaint on then you wave and you will hold up a sign that says, “Go Blue/Red” depending on what color of Facepaint you have on.

Penguin Games!

As most of you probably know the Penguin Games start tomorrow! 🙂 There will most likely be free items out. If you look at the pictures on the Penguin Blog then you can see some pictures. Sorry forgot to get the pix. 😦 But to us it looks like the Red and Blue Facepaint for one of them, not absoulutely sure though! Oh and now we will not have to put posted by:……. it says it at the top under the title of the post. ( ….by Chinzstrap and Cool Boy 714 …..)

Full Servers Glitch And Rockhopper Sighting!

Yes it is true I saw Rockhopper the day before he left! But I forgot to get a picture! 😦 I saw him on the first server, yes it was full but I found a glitch about 6 days ago that will let you onto full servers! I made a video on how to get on to full servers and I have a picture of me with the Rockhopper Background!

(Sorry I forgot to put music in this video)

Oh and right after I got finished filming this video I found him. 😦 I wish I got it on tape. Well… I might next time!

Now time for

Future News!

I might be starting a Video Productions Group later sometime! (There penguin will be in videos with all the CP Rally Staff penguins)

We may add a coulple new pages.

Posted by: Cool Boy 714 @ 6:00 pm