Betas, Betas, Betas, And A Cool Penguin! Oh And SERVER CRASH!

Hey penguins I just found some really cool penguins! 2 of them were betas and the other one could walk on the Night Club! I got pictures. Oh and 1 of the betas are my friend!

This picture was taken about a month ago (I think) I saw Starbucks when my penguins name was Cheat Finder. I clicked him and his player card came up and he left the room. So I tried to be his friend and he said no. 😦 So I took this picture and I was going to post it on here but I thought you might think I was hacking. But I was not hacking. Oh I did not see him my little sister did, Icyberri but I told her were to go. Oh and now there is a list for the members igloos. See!

We also crashed the servers! All the penguins were jumping up and down!

Posted by: Cool Boy 714 @ 12:13 am