Icyberri Picture!

Here is a picture of Icyberri!

She might be hosting a contest very soon so get ready and keep checking back here for all the contests!

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Penguin Mail And Wig And Clothing Catalog Secrets

Wig Catalog Secrets

Click on the Blue Spikester for the Pink Spikette.

Clothing Catalog Secrets

Click on the belt buckle for the Red Viking Helmet.

Open and close the Red Viking Helmet 4 times to get the Blue Viking Helmet!

Click on the gauge on the Diver’s Suit for the Diver’s Helmet!

Click on the thing hanging down from the Emerald Hat to get the Crystal Staff!

Click on the right Green Boot for the Cheesy Necktie.

Click on theĀ top part of the first tabardĀ for the Woodsman’s Hat.

Now for the Penguin Mail update! Billybob says it will look like this

I think it looks cool! What do you think? Post a comment telling what you think about the new Penguin Mail coming next week!

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