Cheat Finder Made A New Penguin!

Yes I just decided to make a new penguin it’s name is Cool Boy 714. He has the parrot on right now. I will be changing the sidebar so it says Cool Boy 714 and the Ultimate Buddy List.

Posted by: Cool Boy 714 @ 3:51 pm


New Staff Member

We have just added a new staff member! Learn about her on the side bar. Her penguin name is Icyberri. She will be helping us. I’ll get a picture of her soon.

Posted by: Chinzstrap @ 6:29 pm

Fireworks In Club Penguin!

Hi everyone there are fireworks in Club Penguin! It’s for Canada Day (in Canada) and it’s for July 4 in America!

The fireworks are at the Ice-Burg and the Ski Mountain.

Posted by: Chinzstrap @ 10:50 pm

New Design For Servers Coming Soon

There will be a new server design real soon I got it off of the CPIP Blog <click to go to it. Here is a picture of it.


I think it looks awesome! What do you think post a comment and tell us! ❗ Oh, we also added the mission guides finally! ❗ Click Here to get to it or click it from the top or click it on the side bar!

Last click on the soccer ball in the sports catalog to get the cleats and click the green penguin then the star fish then the shell to get the silver surf board!

Posted by: Chinzstrap and Cheat Finder @ 7:02 pm