Penguin Band News And Suprise Party!

Sorry we have not been posting lately but anyway, the Penguin Band is not at the iceburg (again) and the Suprise Party will be for Chinzstrap!  Here is when…

  • Server: Ice – Palace
  • Time: 3:00 (Club Penguin Time)
  • Flag: First Flag (American)
  • Room: Snow Forts
  • Date: August 5th

I hope to see a lot of you there! Chinzstrap does not know about this! 😉

Posted by: Cool Boy 714 and Icyberri @ 7:37 pm

Music Jam “08” Cheats!

The Music Jam “08” party is here with 2 free items! The Music Jam “08” T-shirt is at the Plaza.

The Miracas are at the Cove. Oh and did anyone notice the color change between the Miracas from last year?

There is a new room that only members can go into.

It is the backstage room. We are not members so we can not go in there. 😦

Posted by: Chinzstrap, Cool Boy 714, and Icyberri @ 11:24 am

Penguin Playground Testing 2!

We have decided to release Penguin Playground Testing 2 earlier than expected! To play it Click Here!

How to get this to work!

To play it you have to have a program called scratch.  If you don’t have scratch Click Here to get it. Then you click on download at the top right (in the first link). Then you either save or open the game click save if you want to keep it, and click open if you just want to play it. Post comments if you have any questions!

Posted by: Cool Boy 714 @ 12:56 pm

Betas, Betas, Betas, And A Cool Penguin! Oh And SERVER CRASH!

Hey penguins I just found some really cool penguins! 2 of them were betas and the other one could walk on the Night Club! I got pictures. Oh and 1 of the betas are my friend!

This picture was taken about a month ago (I think) I saw Starbucks when my penguins name was Cheat Finder. I clicked him and his player card came up and he left the room. So I tried to be his friend and he said no. 😦 So I took this picture and I was going to post it on here but I thought you might think I was hacking. But I was not hacking. Oh I did not see him my little sister did, Icyberri but I told her were to go. Oh and now there is a list for the members igloos. See!

We also crashed the servers! All the penguins were jumping up and down!

Posted by: Cool Boy 714 @ 12:13 am

Club Penguin Party Peek And A Good-Bye to CPIP

The party is almost here! Here is a sneek peek.

CPIP is planned to close very soon (sadly). 😦

Posted by: Chinzstrap @ 7:42 am