Mission 8! More News Too!

Hi everyone we are VERY sorry this post is so late! 😉 Sorry we have not been posting lately too!

Well anyway, mission 8 is out, Rockhopper is back, and Cheat Finder’s name changed! 😦 Now it’s Penguin……… (The … are numbers). But still call me Cheat Finder! Rockhopper brought an old item back… it’s the parrot! To receive the parrot free item go to the beach then go in Rockhopper’s ship and at the bottom right of the screen there is a page you can click, click on it and on the left of the item sheet you can buy from, there is a place you can click that says receive item click it and you should get it! I have some pictures at the end of this post too! Mission 8… we will start making a page for mission guides! With step – by – step details on how to finish the missions! Well here are the pictures! Oh by the way the picture of Cheat Finder with the beta hat, it was an edit!

Posted by: Chinzstrap and Cheat Finder @ 2:33 pm


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