Earthquake, A New Pin, And Igloo Furniture Cheats!

Hello all you penguins, Chinzstrap and Cheat Finder here! We just got off of Club Penguin! With all the cheats and the pin!

Here is the new pin, a basketball pin! It is at the Pizza Parlor. Here is a picture.

An earthquake happened in the Town! I think Klutzy and Herbert P. Bear caused it somehow. Who do you think did it post comments telling or the post under this has a link click it and take the poll! The Night Club got damaged the most, then the Gift Shop, then the Coffee Shop. Well here is the picture.

Oh the mission board in the HQ has been updated! It says “Unexplained Earthquakes? Get Ready To Investigate!”

Igloo Catalog cheats are

Click on the Surf Beach Towel for the Inflatable Dragon.

Click on the Seaweed for the Clam.

And last click on the top half of the Sunset Painting for the Lava Lamp.

That is all of them! (Click on the pictures to enlarge them)

Posted by: Chinzstrap and Cheat Finder @ 11:55 am


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