Hidden Messages, Rockhopper, And A New Mission!

Hey Penguins It’s me Cheat Finder! Today I found a cheat and it is pretty cool, I will tell you at the end of this post!

Well any way there are a few messages in the news! When you go to page A3 on the picture of Klutzy the crab there is a message from the PSA, and it says “To unlock this file turn all puffles red” and after you do that you should see a second message already decoded that says “Picture is analized and is confirmed to be suspect at large #2, alias “Klutzy” known of accompliance of Herbert P. Bear. Reason for presence in the mine is unknown. The PSA is investigating. Please stay on alert. Sincerly, G. Sorry I couldn’t get pictures today because i’m in a hurry because I have to make a new poll and a new contest!

As for Rockhopper Billybob promised Rockhopper will be back near the end of May. Maybe he will give us another free item!

Now the mission will be relesed early next week!

Oh! I almost forgot about the cheat! Well here it is first you go to the left side of the fire at the cove, then you click the catchin’ waves game and you will walk through the fire, and if you don’t want to play the game then after your across the fire click somewhere else!

Everyone post comments on what the next contest should be!

Posted by: Cheat Finder @ 12:16 pm


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