Party Clue Number 2

Hey all you penguins this is party clue number 2! 🙂

Well here it is!  (Time)  on the clock if you can’t see it, it says, ” 3:30 Friday ”  the day is Friday and the time is going to be 3:30 in Clubpenguin Time. Figure out what time it would be in Normal Time! Oh, and penguins the flag will be on American (the first flag).

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Cheat Finder Picture

                                                This is a picture of me, Cheat Finder!

Chinzstrap Picture!

This is a picture of Chinzstrap!!!

Catalogs, Pins, and Free Items, Oh My!

Hey penguins I just posted but I forgot to post all of these things.

The Puffle and gift shop catalog got updated and the wizard hat (free item) is in the light house on the table at the left of the screen. The pin is in the boiler room[the pin is an anvil].

                                                  Posted by : Chinzstrap at 10:23 am May 23


Hi all you penguins we will be having the 100 views party!!! 🙂

And penguins leave comments and tell your friends about this website it’s going to get A LOT better!

If you want one of us to come to one of your Clubpenguin parties we will be glad to (If we can make it).

Just leave a comment and tell when, where, and the time (server, flag, time, room, and the day of the party). Only for a limited time so hurry! 🙂

So now for the first clue to the party is this (date of party)

4+1=5 / 27+3=30 / 08

                                                        Posted by : Cheat Finder at 10:10 am May 23

Clubpenguinrally 100 Views Party!

Hey penguins me and Chinzstrap have decided to have a 100 views party! 🙂

So we need 18 more views then we will start posting hints for the parties!

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Medeval Party!

Hey guys Clubpenguin is having a party! 🙂

Any way there are a lot of cool things for this party like the free shirt (at the Dock), the fortune telling mirror (at the ski mountain), two new rooms (in the forest), and more!

 Update: We will start posting pictures sometime very soon!

                                                                                             Posted by: Cheat Finder at 1:52 pm