upc0ming party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:p

       dear fellow penguins,     

our staff{chinzstrap and cheat finder} are currently as we speak,coming up with hints to our first big party to celebrate our new site!the first hint will be given below this post.we hope yooh penguins are clever,and can discover this clue!the reason we do these hints is so that the room won’t get so full,that we can’t get in! okay, heres clue#1:

I live on clubpenguin island where its always nice and cold! the igloos we have are nice and warm alas, they feel like u r in a palace!

our nxt clue will be posted tommorrow,soooooooooo don’t miss it and we hope to see u all at the party!

waddle on!                                           

                                                                                         Posted by:Chinzstrap at 4:37 pm