Server Test Item!

Hey all you penguins the new server test item has come out today and I have two pictures of it! 🙂 Oh and if you dance with the hat on you will use the red jackhammer! As for the party we did good but it did not go as we planned. 😉

And everyone don’t forget to be on my Ultimate Buddy List the page at the top describes how to do it. Oh and everyone don’t forget to leave a comment, it will make us happy! 🙂

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Igloo Decorating Winners and Book Contest Winners!

Penguins the book contest and igloo decorating contest in Clubpenguin are over and here is a picture! And the winners of the book contest are Lolliepops10, Sammysays, and Chochypop and the winners of the igloo decorating contest are in the picture above.


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Club Penguin Improvement Project! (CPIP) Update

Hey penguins some of you might know about CPIP. Well I went on the CPIP website and found out that we will be getting our item for helping out with the server test on May 30, 2008! If you would like to see for your self then go to < or just click the link right there. Oh and one more thing before I end this post, anyone coming to the party? Leave comments and tell!

New Pages!

Hey penguins! As I said the website is getting better and bigger! And were going to start making new pages for all you to view. Some will be contests so keep coming back to look at all the new things were doing! The pages will be at the top of the screen right under where it says Clubpenguinrally’s Weblog.


This is where the pages are. We will be adding more pages very soon!

And remember the igloo contest is from May 31, 2008 until June 9, 2008 so decorate your igloos!

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DATE: 5/30/08          THIS FRIDAY!